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What to Look for Before You Buy a Leather Wallet

What to Look for Before You Buy a Leather Wallet
Leather wallets can be difficult to buy due to the number of factors one has to consider while purchasing them. They have to be durable yet attractive, small is size yet able to hold all the essentials, and distinct yet able to suit your personality.
Natasha Bantwal
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Wallets make important accessories not only for men, but also for women. With so many different styles and materials available in the market like linen, suede, canvas, leather, calfskin, micro fiber, vinyl, or nylon, there are plenty of choices for everyone. And of course, with all the different varieties in shapes, sizes, and styles (medium wallets, credit card wallets, mini wallets, checkbook wallets or agendas), buying it can be very challenging.
What's more, you are being bombarded with ads of all kinds and brochures and catalogs seem to be spilling out of your letterbox, and all of this seems to be confusing you even more. With so many elegant wallets available in the market today, making a choice can be very difficult. Therefore, one should take into consideration a few things before making a purchase.
Factors to Consider
Real Leather
The reason why designer wallets can be considered special is because they usually last long, and they come in all colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. When buying a designer brand, you are getting style as well as durability. Unfortunately, since not every type of leather is made in the same manner, picking out any wallet will not do. Genuine leather does not necessarily mean the wallet is made of 'real' leather. All natural leather like rawhide means that the wallet is made from animal hide. The different types of rawhide available are: alligator, goat, bovine, ostrich, lamb, and more exotic types like moose and deer.
One of the most important things is to know what kind of fold you want. There are many different types of folds, but the two most popular ones are: the bi-fold, which means the wallet is folded into two halves, and the tri-fold, meaning it is folded into three parts. Choosing a fold entirely depends on your need, preference, and choice.
Remember that when you are buying an all natural leather product, then you are buying quality. However, this requires a lot of maintenance since leather tends to dry up over a period of time. Special oils are available that help add luster to it. On the other hand, there are other types of polishing methods like clove oil or using a soft cloth to help it look brand new.
Another very important consideration is the way it is threaded. Though it may not seem as important to you, threading is indeed a very important feature. Steady and thick threading will definitely improve the way the wallet is made. Good threading will never get frayed and the product can last for a lifetime.
All in all, choosing a wallet has a lot to do with your personal preferences. Owning a classy leather wallet is a perfect example of style and class, without being too overt or loud. With good care and maintenance, it can stay with you for your whole life. Although expensive, it's still a worthwhile investment.
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