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Are You a Fashion Victim? - Quiz

Are You a Fashion Victim? - Quiz

Fashion, a visual treat, has its dark side too! Succumbing to its charm can come at the cost of social mockery, and a hole in your pocket. Find out whether you are one of those, who cannot go a week without spending on haute couture.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018
When a woman alters her look too much from season to season, she becomes a fashion victim.
~ Versace
We are all victims of our thoughts and perspectives. Held prisoners in these premises, we seldom think beyond them. But when you solely work from within these walls, the effect of these thoughts on your actions can prove to be harmful. And the fashion enthusiast trapped within such confines turns into a fashion victim. The latter is, unfortunately, who falls for every fashion trick and treat. The need to follow the trend is so pressing, that very little thought is given to how it would look on the given body type. Instead of being fashionable, these people end up being out of place and inappropriately dressed.

But how do you know whether you are falling prey to fashion's beguiling voice? Self-analysis is quite biased and a one-sided affair. It serves no purpose, as you end up analyzing your idea of perfect, which seems to remain perfect at all times. Instead, Fashionhance presents a five-minute quiz, so that you know your fashion quotient.
1. Does your book rack have a collection of...
  • Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, travel, and cookbooks.
  • Bestsellers and management books only.
  • Fashion magazines from ten years ago too!

2. You go shopping because...
  • It is a fun thing to do, and you like reinventing your style every once in a while.
  • It is a pure necessary evil.
  • It is a sport you excel at, and think it should be introduced at the Olympics!

3. Your one and only dream in this world is...
  • To live a life of a happy person.
  • To reach your career's pinnacle.
  • To walk the ramp for your favorite designer, no matter what you may have to wear.

4. You clear and clean out your closet...
  • As and when the need arises.
  • Rarely ever, as there are hardly things that need to be thrown out.
  • Every three months, as you have to redo the style that often.

5. When you are shopping, you...
  • Shop as per your style and try to mix-and-match items to make your own style.
  • Shop with a focused mind, buy what you need, and just get out!
  • You have done your research about the latest fashion week, and it is imperative that you match what was worn on the ramp.

6. The best celebrity fashion icon is?
  • Eva Longoria
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Paris Hilton

7. Dressing up for you is about...
  • Wearing what suits you and fits you the best.
  • A part of a routine and just something one's got to do!
  • It is also about accessorizing and looking like those runway models all the time.

8. Your thoughts on street fashion are...
  • It is amazing, cheap, flexible in styles, and can be changed every month!
  • You do not think about fashion, so street fashion's out of question.
  • Who shops on the streets?!

9. You experiment with your makeup...
  • Not much, as you keep your look subtle for most occasions.
  • Never! You wore makeup only once in your life at a school gathering.
  • Every time you have to attend a party, as you need to look different!

10. If Carrie Bradshaw was a real person, you would totally write to her for fashion advice!
  • No. Fashion is temporary, it is style which remains, and Carrie never had a signature style.
  • Who is Carrie Bradshaw?!
  • Totally! Her relationship may have been tumultuous, but her fashion sense is epic!

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At the end of the quiz, you may know where you stand. Being a fashion victim isn't necessarily the tag you would want to have. Sporting flashy colors, pointy shoes, absurdly tall heels, vulgar transparent clothes, and uncomfortably tiny skirts and shorts are not needed to look good or fashionable. Being in vogue is about wearing your style with your attitude. A style that complements and reflects your personality, and allows you to be who you are, rather than look like someone you never will be.