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Are Titanium Rings Scratch Proof?

Are Titanium Rings Really Scratch Proof? Find Out

Titanium is a super-tough material. However, when it comes to rings, are they really scratch proof? Well, let us find the answer to that and also get some tips for buying them.
Ujwal Deshmukh
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Titanium rings are amongst the most preferred wedding rings all over the world. Their long-lasting nature is the most prominent reason behind this. Titanium was introduced in the jewelry market as a man's ring because of its quality of being durable and strong. Be it any working man, titanium rings were the best choice and also good looking. They quickly gained popularity and many jewelers started introducing newer and tougher designs to attract more and more customers. Agreed that titanium rings are strong and durable, but so are tungsten and platinum rings! What about their scratch-resistant quality? Are titanium rings scratch proof? Obviously, this cannot be answered in a single "yes" or "no", so here is a detailed response to this concern.
Can Titanium Rings Get Scratched?
This is a very common question asked by all the responsible and concerned consumers while buying a titanium ring. These rings are undoubtedly amongst the toughest on this planet, but there are many opinions regarding their scratch-resistant nature. Due to their durable and tough nature, it is difficult to scratch them and the process might also take a long time. However, they tend to lose this property and become prone to scratches over a period of time. They can be scratched with the help of a sandpaper and also with tough materials made up of steel. Of course, titanium rings are comparatively more scratch resistant, durable, and tough than other rings made of other metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum, but we still cannot say that titanium rings are completely scratch proof.
Tips for Buying
People who are really fond of titanium rings must know some basic tips pertaining to buying them. Before buying these rings, a few things should be clear in your mind. These rings are lighter in weight than their platinum and gold counterparts. The next thing is that titanium is a harder material than gold and is also more durable. This metal does not react with corrosive materials and therefore maintains its looks and appearance for a long time. Following are some important tips for buying titanium rings.
  • Design:
    Know what you want! Ensure that the ring is comfortable enough to wear it for a long time. Some titanium rings are designed with sharp edges that can cut your finger, while some are designed with rounded edges that do not cut your finger while removing or wearing. Most people prefer the latter type. You need to decide which one to choose, considering your comfort and liking.
  • Style:
    This is completely your choice. I mean, some people choose titanium rings with inlays of gold, silver, wood, precious gemstones, or minerals. On the other hand, some prefer to keep their ring plain, without any inlay or styling. Obviously, rings with inlays would cost higher than the other type. However, the only disadvantage, or rather an area of concern and care for titanium rings with inlays, is that these are a bit less resistant to chemicals and water. Therefore, they should be taken proper care of, with regular polishing and cleaning.
  • Finishing Patterns:
    Often, the finishing pattern of titanium rings decides their durability, shining, appearance, luster, etc. These rings are available in four finishing patterns, viz., brushed, hammered, polished, and matte. Brushed rings appear like steel and are comparatively less reflective in nature. On the other hand, hammered rings are durable, strong, and often have multi-directional indentures on their surface. Polished titanium rings are the most appealing to the eye, as they comparatively shine a lot and are also more reflective than the other patterns. If you are looking out for the most strong and durable rings, then matte finish might be an ideal choice for you.
  • Ring Size:
    I actually need not say anything on this, as anyone would always select the ring of a suitable and comfortable size! However, as a tip, I would like to tell you that always prefer to see the standard sizes of rings and accordingly choose the one that fits your finger. Fingers are at their largest dimensions towards the end of the day. Therefore measure your ring size at this time. Do not determine the ring size with cold fingers, as fingers tend to shrink and are at their smallest size when cold.
  • Return Policies:
    In case of any problems, you might have to return the ring to the jewelry store. Some shops do not accept rings once they are sold. Therefore, check the shop's return policy before purchasing the ring.
The aforementioned tips for buying titanium rings would prove helpful to you while purchasing one with the design, style, and size of your choice and comfort. So, don't scratch your heads on this issue, just go ahead and get yourself a beautiful titanium ring.