Accessory for a strapless dress - statement necklace

6 Accessories that Go with a Strapless Dress

A strapless dress can only be deemed complete with the right accessories. This Buzzle article gives you 6 elegant and stunning ideas to pair accessories with your choice of dress.
If your arms are not strapless-worthy right now, don't fret. Add a light shrug or coat for a bit of an elegant flare.

As per my knowledge, the definition of a strapless dress is that it is sexy, bold, and quite tricky to pull off. But when you have the right pieces to showcase the dress, in a way it's meant to, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. Keeping that in mind, we have put together suggestions of 6 different accessories that can be added to your strapless dress.

Accessories for a Strapless Dress

Wear accessories sparingly, and keep it as simple as possible. The dress is designed to show off your shoulders and neck, and while you include other elements to it, you'll be taking away some of the attention off the dress. So, keep this point in mind whenever you're about to get ready for an occasion.

1. Earrings

Different Earrings for Strapless Dress

It is said that in order to pick the right pair of earrings, it should be according to the shape of your face. As earrings accentuate your features, you should keep in mind that a strapless dress provides you with plenty of options. Keep the small stud earrings aside and give either long, thin earrings, drop earrings, angular earrings, or even chandelier earrings a try. Earrings with some color, preferably a contrast to the dress, is also a wonderful idea.

2. Necklace

Wearing Necklaces with Strapless Dress

A strapless dress is a popular choice for proms and weddings. Many women ideally go with just bold statement earrings and leave the neck au naturel. However, you do have the option to wear either a diamond pendant, a choker, a multi-layered necklace, or a statement piece. Basically, it should complement the dress, and not compete with it.

3. Bracelet

Different Types of Bracelets for Strapless Dress

Pairing an arm candy, a.k.a. a bracelet, is a must for your strapless dress. Whether it's an embellished cuff bracelet, a charm bracelet, gold or silver bangles, a pearl bracelet, or a precious gemstone bracelet. All you have to do is pick the color and style of bracelet, and let it complete the outfit.

4. Cocktail Ring

Wearing Cocktail Rings with Strapless Dress

Although we've mentioned wearing a cocktail ring with your dress, do make it a point that it's not worn on the same arm as the bracelet. As both these pieces will clash with each other, it's best to let the elements speak for itself. Go as big and bold as you like with the cocktail ring; this piece surely has a class of its own.

5. Purse

Adding Different Purses with Strapless Dress

For most women, having a purse along is like second nature. If your dress is simple, as in not too many embellishments, then go with either a beaded or a sequined clutch purse. On the other hand, a classy crossbody bag can also do the trick to make the ensemble praiseworthy.

6. Shoes

Wearing Different Types of Shoes with Strapless Dress

Last, but definitely a must and not the least―shoes. The style, length, design, pattern, and cut of the dress will make a huge impact on the choice of shoes; plus, the occasion will play a huge role. You can't be expected to wear a maxi dress to a wedding celebration or a gallery opening. Or, you won't be wearing a black cocktail dress for a coffee date. Think, definitely think before you zero in on the footwear.

Apart from the accessories mentioned above, you can also choose to wear a cardigan, a light jacket or coat, a shawl or a scarf, a fedora hat (only with a casual strapless dress), or a belt.

Always keep the dress style in mind before you finalize the accessories. Choosing a strapless dress may seem like an easy task, but it mostly depends on your body type, the occasion, and proper fit. And the only way to enhance a strapless dress is by choosing the right design, style, and number of accessories.