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Clothing Trends of the '80s That Must Make it to Your Closet

'80s Clothing Trends
Wild or wacky, no matter how you look at it, the '80s clothing trends cannot be ignored. Here's a quick recap of the fashion ideas of the 1980s.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Fashion is fickle, and this can be witnessed with the ever-changing trends. Since the olden days, the various styles of fashion clothing have undergone many changes, whereas a few trends have even been recycled. Today, fashion designers dictate the various trends of the season. Fashionistas from all over follow these trends meticulously in the pursuit of looking their glamorous best! What's in fashion today may seem really weird a few years down the line. This is but obvious when we take a trip back into time.
The 1980s was one such period that witnessed many fashion trends that may not exactly be termed as 'fashionable' by many! Nevertheless, one cannot really ignore the kind of clothing trends that were followed back then.
Fashions Trends of the '80s
Pop stars ruled the minds of the youth through their music videos. It was the time when MTV presented many young singers in the hippest attire that influenced the minds of the viewers. Madonna and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, set many trends that caused quite a phenomenon. Youngsters loved to emulate them in every possible way. Madonna's fishnet stockings worn with micro minis were the most sought-after attire worn in the 1980s.

Lace and leather clothing soon dominated the scene. Women loved to rebel, and they demonstrated it by wearing lingerie as outerwear.

Similarly, Michael Jackson created a fan following with his trendy music videos. 'Thriller', 'Beat It', 'Bad', etc., were some of his videos that set trends amongst the youth. Leather jackets, fingerless gloves, aviator jackets, black leather pants, and many such clothing items gained immense popularity.

Amongst women's clothing, shirts and dresses often had shoulder pads to give a larger look to the area. This was, however, considered to be manly in appearance. Around this time, Jane Fonda released her workout video, and dancewear soon gained attention. Leggings, leg warmers, and leotards soon became a must for all dance and exercise sessions. With the release of 'Flashdance' in 1983, ripped sweatshirts that revealed one shoulder became popular with the ladies.

Jeans have always been in fashion, and in the '80s, acid-washed denims were a rage. These jeans were about the faded or bleached look, which was achieved with the process of chemical bleaching. Such fitting jeans were worn with loose sweaters or shirts quite contrary to the '70s fashion of fitting tops and loose bottoms. Women also wore large square-shaped scarves in exotic patterns. Such was the craze for this clothing gear that leaflets showcasing different ways to wear the garment were distributed amongst ladies.

When one talk's about '80s clothing trends, who can forget MC Hammer's parachute pants! These were a trademark feature particularly amongst rappers and hip-hop artists.

In men's clothing, there were few trends that made a comeback of sorts. Pinstripes came back on the fashion scenario for the working professionals, and neckties had a narrow look. Guys in colleges preferred the cool and casual look. This was all about pastel V-necked sweaters thrown over a pair of comfy denims. Such a look was termed as the 'preppy' look. It represented teens that preferred to dress in a conservative fashion. Trendy teens that dared to rebel also sported clothes or accessories in neon colors. Bracelets, tees, earrings, shoes, gloves, coats... neon was everywhere in the '80s.

'Big' was in, and this could be seen in the kind of hairstyles that were sported by some of the major rock groups of the '80s. 'Bon Jovi', 'Guns N' Roses', 'Poison'; for example, Axl Rose, Richie Sambora, and even singers like Madonna were all seen with huge hairdos! Crimped or frizzy hair was a rage amongst women. 'Banana clips' were used as hair accessories along with hoop earrings (huge, circular earrings). Women also adopted a strange concept of wearing just one earring in the '80s!

Hair was dyed in shocking shades to create a style statement. Young guys did not bat an eyelid while they adorned earrings. Men as well as women wore large plastic glasses in the earlier period of the 1980s. This trend, however, changed in the latter period. Small, round-shaped glasses with tortoise shell coloring became very much in vogue.

Branded bags were a must-have for the fashion-conscious ladies of the '80s. Clutch bags in particular were a necessity for social events. Women also attended formal dos with hats that were perfectly coordinated with their outfits. Doc Marten's shoes or footwear with wedge heels were preferred by ladies.

The clothing trends of the '80s were quite different from the current fashion trends, and its importance cannot be ignored. Before we ridicule those fashion ideas, let me add a word of warning―you never know what may come back in fashion!
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