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'70s' Clothing Styles for Women

An Interesting Tour of the '70s' Clothing Styles for Women

If you want to recreate the '70s look in your present wardrobe, then you have to know all about '70s' clothes for women. To know more about this fashionable decade, take a look.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Dressing in retro clothing is very trendy right now and it is also a lot of fun. The key to dressing in retro fashion is to know all about the fashion of that particular decade or period. If you want to dress in '70s' clothes, then you have to know all about it. '70s were a decade where fashion was all about comfort and fun. Contrary to popular belief '70s' fashion was not all about big hair and polka dots.
Fashion of '70s is more than that and the early part of '70s was still hugely influenced by the '60s. Still '70s' fashion had an individuality and identity of its own and this decade was marked with fun and frilly clothes. This is one of the main reason that '70s' retro fashion comes back in some form each year and more and more designers are incorporating elements of this decade into their collection. So here it is, a comprehensive look at '70s' clothes for women and how you can incorporate them in your wardrobe today.
'70s' Fashion for Women
The early '70s was still influenced by the bygone decade and women wore the iconic mini skirt of the '60s. Although the mini skirt was very popular with the ladies, soon a new skirt length emerged as the new trend setter and this was the midi skirt. A midi skirt is a mid calf length skirt that is also high-waisted. Midi skirts became all the rage in the '70s and it reached iconic status by the mid '70s. This particular length for skirts was also seen on dresses and these were called midi dresses. Midi skirts and midi dresses in paisley prints and ditsy floral prints were very popular. Materials like cotton, linen, chiffon and cotton blend were mostly used for such clothes.
One of the most popular fashion trend in the '70s is the bell bottom pants. Bell bottom pants were also high-waisted with a prominently flaring hemline and were made with fabrics like satin, velvet, lycra and suede. The bell bottoms were perhaps the most famous trend of the '70s for both men and women. High-waisted flared denims were also very much in vogue during the '70s and they were available in a variety of colors ranging from Prussian blue, acid yellow to bottle green and dusky pink. Women did not shy away from using bold colors and these type of flared jeans or bell bottom pants were usually paired with printed peasant blouses.
'70s' Style and Silhouettes for Women
During the mid 1970s crop tops, halter tops and tank tops became very popular. These tops were usually embellished with diamantes and rhinestones or made with gold lamé and the look was all about being dramatic and slightly over the top. Hot pants which are body hugging and very short shorts were also quite the rage during this period. High-waisted shorts soon replaced the more revealing hot pants and they were less body hugging and more tailored.
Maxi dresses also made an appearance during the mid '70s and their silhouette was fluid and unstructured. Maxi dresses with floral prints, and botanical prints were favored by the women of the '70s and they were designed in such materials as cotton, chiffon and organza. The focus for maxi dresses was about comfort and at the same time the look was more casual and laid-back.
No discussion about '70s' clothing for women can be complete without mentioning the jumpsuit. Zippered jumpsuits in metallic colored lamé and lurex as well as satin were very much in vogue. These jumpsuits were either printed or in a solid color. Pussy bow blouses and peasant blouses in satin and chiffon with floral prints and paisley prints were all the rage. These type of blouses had billowing sleeves or bishop sleeves with ruffles and pleat details that gave them a soft and romantic look. Pussy bow blouses were often worn with flared jeans or bell bottom trousers and were paired with platform shoes.
These were some of the key trends of '70s' clothes for women. The '70s were one of the most influential and noteworthy decade as far as fashion is concerned. If you want to dress in retro '70s' fashion today, then just use one of the key trends mentioned above and pair it with modern and contemporary fashion trends. This way you will look retro chic and stylish and not over the top and garish.