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5 Cool Ways to Wear Espadrilles and Look as Stylish as Celebrities

Kiran Umrao Jun 4, 2019
Espadrilles are footwear made from soles of jute rope and canvas fabric. Originated in France and Spain, espadrilles were designed for their ease to wear. Soon men and women, kings and workers, dancers and priests, everyone wore them across Europe. Now they are back in trend and how!
Today, espadrilles are known as a summer staple, but are loved to be worn in all seasons equally.

They are easy to wear and so, give you a great comfort. Wear them with shorts, dresses, jeans, formals, or just anything, and they’ll make you look effortlessly stylish!

Espadrille Flats

White slip-on espadrilles with floral designs look great with summer dresses, and black with stripes, animal prints and other patterns look amazing with dungarees.

Wear leather espadrille sandals with boyfriend jeans and a casual shirt for a relaxed summer brunch.

Ankle-tie Espadrilles

These espadrilles are super-cute and elegant. With a ribbon that wraps along the ankle, oozing with style and comfort, you can wear them with short dresses, rompers, shorts, and ankle-length pants.

Ankle-tie espadrilles are perfect for a date night as they make you look cute, elegant, and stylish, all at once!

Wedge Espadrilles

Wedge espadrilles are a new trend. They are sturdy and look pretty, thus, super-comfy for an all-day outfit.

You can wear strappy espadrille wedges to formal events and casual printed or ankle-tie wedges to casual outings. Wear them with cute rompers and jumpsuits to up your style quotient!

Platform Espadrilles

Platform Espadrilles are trending this year and many celebrities are being spotted sporting them, even on the red carpet.

If you have a strappy pair of platform espadrilles in darker, solid colors you can wear it to formal occasions and even to work. Well, if you have bright colored, printed, or floral ones, better restrict them to a casual look.

Espadrille Shoes

For men and women both, espadrille shoes look great when paired with formal trousers or chinos.

Though you can wear them with jeans and shorts, pairing them with chinos, will give you a nice and relaxed summer look. Make sure the chinos you choose have relaxed fitting though.
Try espadrilles with different styles, colors, prints and patterns, and they’ll never disappoint you.

Moreover, with the kind of comfort they provide, they’ll keep your feet happy too!