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Explore What Fashion Meant to the Men and Women of the 1980s

1980s Fashion
The 1980s fashion trends were certainly a foundation for the fashion in the 21st century. This article gives you a brief overview of the fashion in the 1980s.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
When we think of fashion from the 1980s, we would generally think of colorful, bright apparel and accessories of glam metal bands in those times. The clothing and accessories that we wear today do have a deep relation with the 1980s fashion trends, as most of the current fashion comes from the clothing worn in those days. Let us take a look at what clothes, shoes, haircuts, and fashion accessories were being worn then.
1980s Fashion Trends
Men's 1980s Fashion
Hairstyles: The 1980s was the decade from when people started trying out different long hairstyles. A majority of people wore long and layered hairdos. And among rock musicians from the music industry, wearing rainbow-colored hair was a fad. Punks from those times preferred to wear Mohawks. Wearing short haircuts was kind of rare in the 1980s, unlike today.
Fashion Accessories: Piercings in the 1980s were as popular as they are at present. Style admirers used to get their eyes, nose, tongue, and ears pierced for wearing voguish fashion jewelry. Hair metal band members chose to wear dark and big glasses, unlike today's small glasses. Crocodile Dundee hats were also worn widely.
Clothing: People mostly used to wear casual black and neon T-shirts, rock band T-shirts, and leather clothing. Wearing jean and black and brown leather jackets was an important part of 1980s fashion. Sleeveless shirts were also considered stylish in those days. Youngsters preferred to wear tight leather pants, bright-colored trousers, stonewashed jean pants, and Corduroy pants. Men's clothing was usually accompanied by black leather boots or shoes.
Women's 1980s Fashion
Hairstyles: In the 1980s, women of all ages preferred to have a feathered look on their hair. Long shags were being worn by many fashion-loving girls. Like today, hair coloring was also famous then. Additional details and glitters on hairstyles were being given more importance. Wearing side ponytails was thought of being very stylish.
Fashion Accessories: Girls and women from the 1980s wore a heavy and bright makeup. Everyday fashion makeup in those times comprised having light-colored lips, dark and think eyelashes, pink and light blue blush ons, etc. Some of the most popular 80s fashion accessories consist of big hoop earrings, slap bracelets, and hair bows.
Clothing: In the 1980s, off-shoulder shirts was best suited for teenage girls and young women. Even nowadays, many girls wear these shirts as a style that looks cool. Wearing 3/4th shirts was also considered a college look. When it comes to 1980s fashion clothing for women, most of these styles are widely used even in the 21st century. Such clothes are crop tops; tight-fitting stonewashed jeans; 3/4th legging, leg-warmers, or scrunch socks; super-tight mini skirts; etc. In footwear, women in the 1980s wore high tops and jelly shoes. High-heeled stilettos were also worn by ladies in the 80s.
There are many famous personalities from the 1980s who made their own style statement which was being used or is being used by a lot of people around the world. Few of such people are The King of Pop-Michael Jackson, Madonna, Sylvester Stallone, Princess Diana, and Tom Cruise. Moreover, there were many other things which were common in men as well as women such as body piercing and tattoo making. Bandannas and skin-tight acid washed jeans were also worn by both boys and girls.
The 1980s fashion was related to all apparel and accessories that were bright and vivid. One more important style in those times was keeping the hair long, flashy, and colorful.