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1950s' Fashion for Girls: Marked by Flamboyance

Rimlee Bhuyan Jan 2, 2019
Do you love vintage dress patterns and would like to know about 1950s' fashion for girls? Read on to know about the '50s' fashion trends for girls that are suitable in today's times.
Do you love the '50s' swing skirts and poodle skirts that have a lot of flounce and plenty of attitude? Well you are not alone. Many celebrities and Hollywood A-listers are seen wearing these vintage dress patterns at red carpet events and movie premieres. Small floral prints, lace gloves and high heels complete the look of the '50s.
If you want to dress in 1950s' fashion for girls, then you need to know which styles are suitable to wear for your body type and structure. Silk wrap dresses and dresses with "Peter Pan" or broad collars were essential elements of 1950s' clothing.

Fashion of the 1950s for Girls

Retro fashion and fashion of the 1950s has made a huge comeback. If you too want to dress in 1950s' fashion for girls, then you need to stock on vintage fabric patterns to create this look.
Now is a good time to bring out all your grandmothers old clothes to find inspiration from them.If you want to recreate this vintage and retro fashion from the '50s, you can take help from vintage patterns that are found online.
The '50s were not only about skirts with volume.A 50s' fashion element that is very doable right now is the pencil skirt. A pencil skirt is just the right shape and silhouette to show off your curves and your shapely legs. The '50s' pencil skirt was tight fitted and its hemline fell below the knee, to give a demure yet sexy look.
Two of the most respected fashion designers of the '50s were Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. They designed lot of dresses and brought about a sea change in the world of fashion in the '50s.
Dresses were very much in vogue during the 1950s and most dresses were worn with a corset to give the illusion of a smaller waist and a fuller bust.
Fabrics like satin, tulle and organza was used extensively for making these dresses. Two piece dresses with a fitted jacket and pencil skirt were popular day wear for ladies. A big phenomenon in women's clothing of the '50s was the "trapeze dress".
It was a kind of triangular shaped dress that had a swinging hemline. Givenchy also designed another type of revolutionary dress called the sack dress that had no definite waist. This sack dress has evolved over time into sheath dress or shift dress that is popular even today.

1950s' Fashion for Women

Of course 1950's fashion for women will be best remembered for poodle skirts. These voluminous skirts with their cool floral patterns had hemlines that fell just below the knee. You can see many Hollywood A-listers like Scarlett Johansson and January Jones dress up in fifties fashion and look fabulous.
Floral sheaths in duchess satin and raw silk are your best bet if you want to recreate the '50s' fashion today. Another must have item if you want to recreate the 1950's fashion for girls is the cashmere twin sets. A cashmere wool twin set will give you the right preppy look that was characteristic of the '50s.
If you are going to dress in the 50s' style, then make sure that you pair your accessories and makeup accordingly. 1950s' makeup was all about having a dewy complexion with ruby lips and smoky eyes.
Accessories like pearl necklaces, jeweled brooches, quilted clutches and court shoes in neutral color will help you to look like a true blue '50s' diva. Fashion of the 1950s will be remembered for being flamboyant and bringing in a hint of the whimsical. So go ahead and dress in the 1950s' fashion.